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Ya lo había compartido en el pajarito azul antes, pero ahora lo comparto por aquí también:

Tenemos una pequeña comunidad GNOMEra en Telegram, un grupo que ahora mismo tiene más de 300 miembros (número actualizado xd), súper amistosos y con ganas de charlar y ayudar :D

Resaltar que no, no es nada oficial, solo gente random apasionada por GNOME

Les dejo el link:

For those of you programming in : If you're going to expose an array in a public property, mark its getter as `owned`, otherwise you are basically screwing up encapsulation

Although I'd love if it looked more like this :3

(it's just mockup, nothing real)

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I've been playing a bit with gtk-kt, and it's quite interesting 🤔

Interesting. Wikipedia adds one more term to refer to free software: freedom-respecting software.

It seems to me a more accurate term, really.

Not totally a fan of public call outs, honestly. The only thing they achieve is resentment between the various parties involved.

There are many problems that can be solved cordially through a DM, there is no need to throw stones at anyone.


This is probably not happening anytime soon for technical reasons (i.e. it'd probably be in an app instead of a shell feature), but wouldn't this be fun :P

Workbench 42 is out, enjoy Blueprint and Vala support. 🎉 #GTK #GNOME

opinion on AppImages 

the message saying that I don't like them, along with others where I explained a bit (spanish)

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opinion on AppImages 

I started using Linux in 2018. There's a msg of mine from 2019 that I just found, saying that I dislike AppImages.

Why? 'cause you cannot install them.

I always hated the idea of managing apps like files, I find it really uncomfortable. And AppImage is literally that.

Confession: it's really hard for me to write or speak in English. My pronunciation is not that good, and I tend to get stuck from time to time due to me trying to guess how to express the idea that I want to express. My mind suddenly goes blank.

But it's really easy for me to understand you, both by listening or by reading you.

Its beautiful. There is a guy who says that it is not necessary to isolate the processes to improve the security of our apps, just follow good practices and that's it, and that C is not "so insecure". He also says that neither Flatpak nor Snap nor AppImage are the solution, that we should only aim for all distros to agree to launch a traditional unified format...

And he also says that Wayland is already old-fashioned...


I was going to try the brand new Calendar but... I can't log into it

The next version of Workbench will support preview of templates and signals.

For both XML and Blueprint syntaxes.

Great for making custom widgets.


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