Why do I use light theme in my system? 

Because otherwise, I see the text as follows

Although I'd love if it looked more like this :3

(it's just mockup, nothing real)

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I've been playing a bit with gtk-kt, and it's quite interesting 🤔

opinion on AppImages 

the message saying that I don't like them, along with others where I explained a bit (spanish)

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I was going to try the brand new Calendar but... I can't log into it

So I made a wallpaper just for me :p

The language is , the desktop is 42

I've been using Fedora 36 since before the beta was even released, and everything was going relatively well, no annoying bugs or anything that prevented me from using my PC normally… until today…

Software stopped working :(

So… VS Code has gotten file nesting in the last update. How does this look like?

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