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This is probably not happening anytime soon for technical reasons (i.e. it'd probably be in an app instead of a shell feature), but wouldn't this be fun :P

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Workbench 42 is out, enjoy Blueprint and Vala support. 🎉 #GTK #GNOME

opinion on AppImages 

the message saying that I don't like them, along with others where I explained a bit (spanish)

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opinion on AppImages 

I started using Linux in 2018. There's a msg of mine from 2019 that I just found, saying that I dislike AppImages.

Why? 'cause you cannot install them.

I always hated the idea of managing apps like files, I find it really uncomfortable. And AppImage is literally that.

Confession: it's really hard for me to write or speak in English. My pronunciation is not that good, and I tend to get stuck from time to time due to me trying to guess how to express the idea that I want to express. My mind suddenly goes blank.

But it's really easy for me to understand you, both by listening or by reading you.

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Its beautiful. There is a guy who says that it is not necessary to isolate the processes to improve the security of our apps, just follow good practices and that's it, and that C is not "so insecure". He also says that neither Flatpak nor Snap nor AppImage are the solution, that we should only aim for all distros to agree to launch a traditional unified format...

And he also says that Wayland is already old-fashioned...


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I was going to try the brand new Calendar but... I can't log into it

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The next version of Workbench will support preview of templates and signals.

For both XML and Blueprint syntaxes.

Great for making custom widgets.


option-driven design:

in case of doubt, just add an option

Okay, tomorrow at 19:00 UTC would be the chosen time. It will last approximately 3 hours, and will cover as much as possible.

I'm still thinking about the platform to use. It could be Twitch or YouTube, but I feel them a bit impersonal, and I would like to have a more direct contact with those who are attending, to be able to better clarify any doubts that may arise.

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I'm thinking of doing a “tutorial” stream creating a to-do list app in Vala, GTK 4, and libadwaita tomorrow. If anyone is interested, I'll do it in Spanish ('cause I'm not confident enough in my spoken English yet) and share schedules in a while.

I'm still thinking about which platform I'll do it on.

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